Service Mapping for Data Center Migration

This case study highlights a four-month project for a large public utility company undergoing a data center migration.

Project Description

The aim was to move 60 critical business services to a new data center for disaster recovery while minimizing disruption. Challenges included a CMDB lacking business context.

"ConfigureTek's expertise was pivotal in our data center migration project. They efficiently mapped out our critical business services, providing detailed dependency reports that enabled us to plan our migration strategy effectively. Their seamless integration with ServiceNow streamlined the process, ensuring minimal disruption. Thanks to their dedication, we successfully transitioned key services to our new infrastructure with confidence."

— Alyssa Robertson

Project Overview


The data center migration planning was well on its way already, so we were flexible with our approach to provide value where we can while not forcing them into further process that would ultimately annoy the SMEs (who were already overwhelmed as it was). We were able to save the implementation time by running all approvals through ServiceNow which the company users were already used to doing on a day to day basis. We were also able to create a paper trail for the sign-off activity so that it could be referenced later when it came time to re-validate after the phase 1 migration had completed.

Work process


Create service maps for the top 60 business services

Provide Application to Infrastructure relationships reports

Track sign-off and overall status of the service mapping process

Provide dependency reports to plan out migration strategy effectively

The customer had a populated CMDB using ServiceNow discovery that was being used primarily for regulatory needs but lacked accurate business context.

The customer was preparing to build a new data center for disaster recovery (DR) reasons and wanted to build out a new production environment. To reduce the risk of the migration and to ensure no customer disruption, the 60 most critical business services were selected to be moved as first step (Phase 1). The following project tasks were created to address these challenges:


Service Maps Creation 100%
Application to Infrastructure Relationships 100%
Tracking Sign-off and Overall Status 100%
Dependency Reports for Migration Strategy 100%
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