Amazing Outcomes

We deliver amazing outcomes by  establishing strong foundations and driving immediate value with our turn key ServiceNow accelerators.

Strategic Partnership with ServiceNow

ConfigureTek is a top tier strategic partner of ServiceNow with deep specialization across CMDB, CSDM, ITOM, CSM, ITSM, SecOps, SAM/HAM, APM, GRC and more. Over the past decade we have done full implementations of ServiceNow for large clients with a focus on establishing strong foundations towards generating amazing outcomes. Our customers tell us that our accelerators have saved them years of consulting. Reach out to us to talk to one of our reference customers. 



Our Trusted Company & Clients

Some of the largest companies in the world trust us to establish their foundation towards great outcomes around impact, security, risk, compliance, asset management and more.

“ConfigureTek has been instrumental in driving immediate value by cutting down our implementation costs by at least 10x with accelerators.” V.P. Large Financial Services Firm

ServiceNow Implementation Services

ConfigureTek is a full-service technology provider with a focus on IT services and IT operations. We deliver immediate value from your technology investments.


We have developed code and code-less accelerators that quickly allow our customers to realize incredible value.

IT Operations

Prevent outages with predictive impact analysis and resolve outages faster with root cause analysis.

Security & Compliance

We specialize in enterprise class Security Incident Response as well as Vulnerability Response.

IT Business Management

Make incredible business decisions by utilizing your own data.

ServiceNow Platform

We offer also ServiceNow implementations, integrations, and special financing bundles.

Admin & Staffing

While Strategic Consulting remains our main focus, we have access to large pools of capable candidates.

Checkout Our Solutions

We meet you where you are in your ServiceNow journey and lay a path to amazing outcomes.

Not having a pre-flight checklist is like embarking on a journey without direction or fuel. ConfigureTek’s unique approach includes a pre-flight checklist prior to engaging with our customers. We meet you where you are in your ServiceNow journey and lay a path to amazing outcomes. Save years of time by leveraging our expertise.

Establish a strong foundation to drive amazing outcomes
With Service Graph and CMDB, we will help you drive impactful business value across the entire digital product and services lifecycle. This is an essential must have for every company that cares about security, risk and compliance baselines.

Get the visual clarity you need for your critical infrastructure. We are driving strategic value for some of the largest customers in the world that are household names in hospitality, transportation, medical, financial and industrial sectors. Get the most out of your ServiceNow SIR, VR, GRC, ITOM and Business Continuity investments.

Accelerated Implementations

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Accelerated Mapping™
Automated CSDM & CMDB Fixer™
Take Control Over Your EHR and EMR Systems

Our Customer's Feedback

We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and are committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout the development process.


ServiceNow CSAT



"ConfigureTek’s team of mappers were organized, thorough and highly collaborative as they tackled a time-sensitive need for service mapping within our org. They had the know-how to create and adapt patterns for our custom apps, and the experience to deliver consistent and sustainable maps."

"The ConfigureTek team came in and expertly addressed our foundational issues across technology and process within software asset management. They led really meaningful workshops, bringing together views across many stakeholders and were creative in problem-solving whenever issues arose. Their technical expertise was critical in efficiently implementing a solution within our environment made up of multiple platforms, legacy infrastructure and modernization initiatives."

"We brought in ConfigureTek to help us meet really aggressive timelines with our HRSD deployment. We had a quickly approaching deadline to migrate off of another platform, and ConfigureTek quickly swooped in with folks who could manage process, requirements definition, implementation and testing. Their comprehensive approach was instrumental in the successful execution of our migration. "

Contact Us & Reach

To contact us, please fill out the contact form on our website, and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please let us know your availability, and we will be happy to arrange a time that works for you.