CSDM Adoption

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You should – the benefits of a well-designed CMDB metamodel aligned with ServiceNow’s Common Services Data Model (CSDM) are impressive and ensure that your platform operates like the finely tuned machine that it is

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While assessment offerings are prevalent, our clients seek solutions for what are obvious challenges. We invest in providing those solutions to get and keep your platform in racing condition. Our automation capabilities help you make the progress you need quickly and safely, without the downshift or wreckage of manual remediation efforts.

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Want to see it in action?

We help you setup and establish an automated and continuous discovery system that tracks your assets, applications, configurations and infrastructure. ConfigureTek can help establish a strong foundation to drive amazing outcomes across all areas of your business. With Service Graph and CMDB, we will help you drive value across the entire digital product and services lifecycle. Our highly experienced team focuses on quick results, solution adoption, and sustainable value from process automation and best practices to protect long-term CMDB integrity.

Benefits Of Adopting The CSDM

CSDM is a blueprint to map your different services to the ServiceNow platform. The CSDM is a enterprise service framework that provides metamodel guidance and helps organizations understand how to construct entities in ServiceNow which will represent different parts of their business. The CSDM is the standard for all ServiceNow products and extend out the ServiceNow CMDB. Following the CSDM framework ensures that ServiceNow works as intended. Not following it ensures a much more arduous path.