ServiceNow Event Management Implementation

Project Description

ServiceNow Event Management Implementation

Customer: Large Insurance Provider

Industry: Insurance

Size: 15,000 – 20,000 Employees

Task: Migration from CA SOI to ServiceNow

Project Duration: 4 Months

ConfigureTek was responsible for implementation of ServiceNow’s event management module at a large US based insurance provider which included a migration of events and integration sources from CA’s SOI tool into ServiceNow’s event management solution.

What we did: 

  • Transition from CA SOI to ServiceNow Event Management
  • Integrating many different sources of information
    • SNMP Traps from 10 different event sources
    • Event traps from CA SOI Itself
    • Integrated traps from CA Application Performance Management
  • Customized event management to enable timer based alerting
  • Setup and configuration of stream based alerting
  • Tailored/Configured SLAs for Business Services in regards to Event Management
  • Configured Assignment rules lookups using OOTB and custom methods
  • Configured the integration between Event Management and Incident Management
  • Dashboards & Reports: Tailored dashboarding to client needs and helped setup service topology
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