Discovery agent based migration for large government organization in North America

Smooth migration from DDMi to UDi  in a large government organization

Customer: Large Government Organization in North America
Industry: Public Government
Size: 10,001+ employees
Task: Upgrade DDMi to UDi

Project Overview

ConfigureTek recently guided a large municipal client in upgrading their discovery tools for hardware and software. The project’s focus was to update 30,000 HP DDMi agents to the new HP UDi agents, along with custom coding, and mentoring/training the customer’s IT team.

ConfigureTek’s Approach:

• Worked with the client to produce current and future state diagrams
• Documented a detailed implementation plan
• Identified detailed requirements including custom implementations
• Wrote and tested custom code
• Mentored and trained the customer

Business Results:

• Customized, automated, and integrated inventory and server discovery into a single solution
• Produced custom hardware and software reports from topology models
• Discovered ~30,000 workstations, servers and network devices
• Discovered ~1.5 million software titles
• Complete hardware and software inventory every 7 days
• Customized HP Asset Manager integration script to meet the client’s particular business process needs
• Clean virtual topology data to HP Asset Manager for all types of virtualization (including custom topology modeling)

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